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As a result, a back-arc basin center was created, which began to form the marginal basin which would become the Andaman Sea, the current stages of which commenced approximately 3—4 million years ago Ma. Indian Oceanbody of salt water covering approximately one-fifth of the total ocean area of the world. Thousands of prisoners were tortured and killed in the jail. The popular belief remains that the islands got its name from the ancient Indian God, Hanuman Sanskrit form Andoman 5. About Andaman Islands — I.

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  • The Andaman Sea is located north of Sumatra, west of Thailand, south of Burma, and is considered to be part of the Indian Ocean.

    The Andaman Sea narrows at its south-eastern region to form the Straits of Malacca. Countries included in the basin of the Andaman Sea include Malaysia. The Andaman Sea is a marginal Sea off the eastern Indian Ocean. It is a division of the Indian Ocean.

    images andaman sea facts

    Islands peninsula partially encloses it, Sumatra in the. Andaman Sea, marginal sea of the northeastern Indian Ocean. It is bounded to the north by the Irrawaddy River delta of Myanmar (Burma); to the east by.
    Thailandcountry located in the centre of mainland Southeast Asia.

    Andaman Sea Facts

    Could it be, we wonder? Retrieved 4 April It is found that the SSH of the basin is primarily determined by the transport of water through the straits. These plates or microplates are believed to have formerly been part of the larger Eurasian Platebut were formed when transform fault activity intensified as the Indian Plate began its substantive collision with the Eurasian continent. It stretches for more than 6, miles 10, km between the southern tips of Africa and Australia….

    images andaman sea facts
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    Salinity is Today, a memorial stands at the Andaman Water Sports Complex as a tribute to the local tribesmen who lost their lives.

    images andaman sea facts

    To the south of Myanmarwest of Thailandand north of Indonesiathis sea is separated from Bay of Bengal by the Andaman and Nicobar Islands and an associated chain of sea mounts along the Indo - Burmese plate boundary. Other important sources of nutrients in the Andaman Sea are seagrass and the mud bottoms of lagoons and coastal areas.

    This, in a way, showed how historical facts about Andaman were distorted around the world mainly because the islands were then sparsely accessible 5. Thousands of prisoners were tortured and killed in the jail.

    20 Fascinating Facts About Andaman And Nicobar Islands We Bet You Dugong, the gentle sea cow, is the state animal of Andaman and.

    The Andaman Sea is a marginal sea of the eastern Indian Ocean separated from the Bay of Bengal (to its west) by the Andaman Islands of India and Myanmar. Historical Facts about Andaman make a very interesting read. The Andaman Sea is constantly widening due to a tectonic process called 'Sea Floor.
    On the other hand, the TDC has strong surface influx in summer, which weakens by October.

    Andaman Sea sea, Asia

    Ancient Andaman Some genetic studies suggest that the Andamanese were isolated from other populations over 30, years ago. Commercial fishing has been banned around the Andaman Islands for more than 4 decades. Due to the volcano, the sea around the islands is very potent for scuba diving. They soon took over the islands and freed the cellular jails inmates who were asked to join the Indian National Army.

    Ptolemy and Marco Polo documented the isles as home to fierce man-hunters and Jean-Jacques Cousteau dedicated a movie to them called Invisible Islands.

    images andaman sea facts
    Andaman sea facts
    The earthquake in was 9.

    The Andaman Sea covers an area ofsquare miles. Andaman Sea. Lost Languages of Andaman When the Nicobarese people were first discovered by Europeans, they used to speak Moh-Khmer and Shompen languages which are actually unrelated to Andamanese. New home: Andaman eventually became a part of India in and was declared a Union Territory of the nation in Views Read Edit View history.

    The Andaman Sea or Burma Sea is a body of water to the southeast of the Bay of Bengal.

    Historical Facts about Andaman Islands That Everyone Should Know

    It is south of Burma, west of Thailand and east of the. 10 Fascinating Facts You Didn't Know About Andaman Islands life like dugongs and giant sea turtles along with its rich coral reserves. The Andaman Sea is a body of water that is part of the Indian Ocean. It is located to the east of the Andaman Islands that belong to India, from which it takes its.
    On the Northwest.

    Bangkok: Greenpeace Southeast Asia Thailand.

    Thailand alone harvested abouttonnes of fish in [16] and abouttonnes in Start your free trial today for unlimited access to Britannica.

    Some of these species live in both.

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    No records exist of its activity.

    images andaman sea facts
    The northern and eastern parts are shallower than meters feet due to the silt deposited by the Irrawaddy River.

    This is characteristic of the propagation of Kelvin Waves. Isobaths corresponding to m and m are also shown in the figure to emphasize the steepness of the slope.

    Interesting Facts About Andaman And Nicobar Islands

    There are deposits of tin off Malaysia and Thailand's coasts in the Andaman Sea. The islands eventually came to be known as Nicobar during the British Colonial period.

    They generally live on land, but at nights climb up the coconut trees and carve a hole into the tender coconuts to eat the soft kernel.

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